How To Steal the Show Without Setting Foot Onstage - A Stage Manager's Bootcamp


How To Steal the Show Without Setting Foot Onstage - A Stage Manager's Bootcamp


February 7, 21, 28 (Thursdays) - 7-9:30pm

Registration Fee: $55

Location: THE GREENE ROOM at The Eastfield Mall, #165, 1655 Boston Road, Springfield, MA

May 9, 16, 23 (Thursdays) 7-9:30pm


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Learn how to be the "wizard behind the curtain"! This boot camp will cover the main aspects of Stage Managing a small to large scale theatrical production.

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of a theater production? How do the actors, the lights, the sets, the props, the costumes and makeup all come together to make each show run smoothly? It takes a lot of work! And it takes a Stage Manager. The role of a Stage Manager can best be described as the administrator between the Director, the production crew and the performing cast. But what does that even mean?? Find out during this 3 day boot camp. The material covered in this class will include a general list of all roles and responsibilities of the team involved in mounting a small to large scale production. It will outline the skills required to be a successful Stage Manager and how to best define your individual managing style. The skills covered will include general organization, professional communication, blocking and tracking, cueing and calling a show and troubleshooting. This class is appropriate for any level of experience, but especially relevant for those with interest in behind the scenes production work.

Skills Covered:

-Fully operational Stage Manager’s Bible for a show of the student’s choosing.

-Organizational Tool Templates: Contact List, Sign In/Out Sheets, Production Meeting Notes, Rehearsal Notes, Production Notes, Props Tracker

-Understanding of personal managing style

-Understanding of roles and responsibilities of others involved in production

-Ability to call a basic show (including lights and sound effects)

-Ability to troubleshoot basic scenarios


3" binder ($0-5), paper copy of script for a one-act play of the student's choosing (free, online search, local library, personal script; script must be on printer paper, not in book form, with the ability to physically cut and write on as needed), scissors, page dividers/sticky notes ($0-5)


ANNE-MARIE GLASSER - 10+ years of theater experience, including stage and production work. 5+ years as a professional Stage Manager, including work in Boston, New York City and Chicago with small to large production companies. Varied experience in one-acts, improv, musicals, immersive, children's theater and fringe plays.

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