Beginner Belly Dance For Fun! Ages 14+

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Beginner Belly Dance For Fun! Ages 14+


$48/6 Class Session - Registration Fee must be mailed to 6 Silver Street, Monson, MA 01057 or paid the first class

*$10/Per Class Drop-In Option available.

*There must be at least 4 registered participants to conduct the class or the session will be cancelled or postponed. If that is the case, we will post the cancellation/postponement online with new dates.

To complete the registration process:

1. Click on the link and fill out the registration form.

2. Add the Workshop "Product" to your cart and check-out.

3. Pay the registration fee. Registration Fee must be mailed to 6 Silver Street, Monson, MA 01057 or paid the first class

*The registration process is not complete until you have paid the appropriate registration fee. An incomplete registration could result in the student getting bumped from class. Class spaces are filled upon a first-come-first-serve-basis. 

**Registration fees are non-refundable.

CLASS DESCRIPTION: Stay limber and flexible the fun way; BellyDance! Very low impact and lots of fun, this class presents the basics of Raqs Sharki dance and music. Slower paced than Zumba, and way more fun than yoga, you and your friends will thoroughly enjoy this experience. You know you want to try's your chance!

SKILLS COVERED: Students will learn major musical patterns commonly used in this dance genre. They will have the opportunity to learn and practice some classic BellyDance (Raqs Sharki) dance patterns. At the completion of the class session, students will be able to improvise a short dance to their favorite BellyDance music.

WHO IS THIS CLASS TARGETED FOR? This is a beginner level class, appropriate for any mobile person age 14+. Typically, classes are for women, but there are an inreasing number of men who are professional Raqs Sharki performers, internationally.

WHAT TO BRING: Comfortable clothing, such as for any other exercise class. Students should be prepared for barefoot exercises. Flexible gymnastic shoes, ballet flats, and "foot undies" are great alternatives.

MEET YOUR INSTRUCTOR: Sadeekat has a special fondness for entry level dancers. She enjoys trying out new teaching techniques, to find the best (most fun) way to show each person the joy of music and movement. A latecomer to Raqs Sharki, Sadeekat took her first lesson at the age of 55! And she's never regretted it.

MORE ABOUT YOUR INSTRUCTOR: My dance name is Sadeekat, which in Arabic means "True and Loyal Friend.". I began studying Raqs Sharki in 2012, and have been fortunate enough to learn with instructors Sheena, Farana, and Shifa. I continue to study this fascinating article form, in my new role as a retiree! My first performance was in 2013 with my fellow classmates. I actively support our local dance organization, Cairo Cabaret. We produce performances that showcase dancers from the New England area: generally, we produce five to six shows each year.

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