Febuary 17, 24 & March 3, 10, 17, 24 (Sundays) 3-4:00pm THE GREENE ROOM @ Eastfield Mall, #165 Boston Road, Springfield, MA - Instructor: Kathleen Buckley (Sadeekat) $48/6 Class Session or $10/Drop-in Option

Stay limber and flexible the fun way; BellyDance! Very low impact and lots of fun, this class presents the basics of Raqs Sharki dance and music. Slower paced than Zumba, and way more fun than yoga, you and your friends will thoroughly enjoy this experience. You know you want to try's your chance! Students will learn major musical patterns commonly used in this dance genre. They will have the opportunity to learn and practice some classic BellyDance (Raqs Sharki) dance patterns. At the completion of the class session, students will be able to improvise a short dance to their favorite BellyDance music.

Teen/Adult Class

Teen/Adult Class

Teen/Adult Class



February 7, 21, 28 (Thursdays) 7-9:30pm THE GREENE ROOM @ Eastfield Mall, #165 Boston Road, Springfield, MA - Instructor: Anne-Marie Glasser

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of a theater production? How do the actors, the lights, the sets, the props, the costumes and makeup all come together to make each show run smoothly? It takes a lot of work! And it takes a Stage Manager. The role of a Stage Manager can best be described as the administrator between the Director, the production crew and the performing cast. But what does that even mean?? Find out during this 3 day boot camp. The material covered in this class will include a general list of all roles and responsibilities of the team involved in mounting a small to large scale production. It will outline the skills required to be a successful Stage Manager and how to best define your individual managing style. The skills covered will include general organization, professional communication, blocking and tracking, cueing and calling a show and troubleshooting. This class is appropriate for any level of experience, but especially relevant for those with interest in behind the scenes production work.

Imagineering Winter Performance Workshop (Ages 5-10)

“E-I-E-I Oops” by John Higgins & John Jacobson

Let's take a trip to see Farmer MacDonald! The whole barnyard is singin'... rooster's singin' tenor, the mule chimes in on bass, the chicks are pretty good altos, and the sheep are all over the place! But wait! Something's wrong with Madame Cow... she just can't moo! Join the fun as the animals all do their part to save the day! Greene Room Productions youngest theater kids perform in their own musical! By playing theater games, learning songs, and experimenting with movement, students begin the process of becoming confident with themselves and their bodies while learning the the art and fun of following directions.  GRP's young thespians enjoy singing, dancing, playing games, learning choreography, theater etiquette, and stage directions.  

Rehearsals: (Tuesdays) January 15 - March 12, 4:45-5:45pm….. Dress Rehearsal: (Tuesday/Friday) March 19 & 22, 4:45-6pm….. Performance: (Saturday) March 23, 2:30pm

Rehearsal Location: THE GREENE ROOM (@theEastfieldMall), 1655 Boston Road, Springfield, MA Dress Rehearsal/Performance Location: MEMORIAL HALL, 198 Main Street, Monson, MA

Ages 5-10

Ages 5-10

Teen/Adult Class

Teen/Adult Class

Improvisation: “IMPROV WITH ABBIE” - REGISTER NOW: Meets SUNDAYS 7-9pm

Brand new to improv… or not? This is where it all begins.

Ever see an improv show and think, "Man, that looks like fun?" It is. Come see for yourself. Sundays from January 20th through February 24th 2019 Abbie Gregory takes participants of all skill levels through the basics of improv in a ridiculously fun, totally not scary, hands-on workshop. This is your gateway to the world of liberated creativity, boundless collaboration, enthusiastic support, joyous risk-taking, and unbridled laughter. We know you'll fall in love with improvisation. Come explore this unique art with Greene Room Productions; Theater Production and Ed Outreach Inc.

Session: January 20- February 24, 2019…….. $50 for 6 Classes

Drop-in: Come in any day! Flexibility! ……..$15 per class

** We need at least 6 registered participants in order to hold this session of classes. Please pre-register! It makes all our lives easier!


Greene Room Productions after-school theater series is a training program for kids interested in performance.  Including children ages 3.5 - college age, GRP is able to create meaningful experiences through peer mentoring. Starting as a youngster in the Imagineering group (ages 3.5-8) participants have the ability to work their way up through the ages, gaining new knowledge and experience, as well as performance responsibility, and backstage skills. Eventually older students with enough experience, maturity, and talent may audition for the Kids Tour Acting Troupe, an "audition only" program where students are responsible for the performance, design, and building of their own show.  Students in the Kids Tour Acting Troupe take part in a one-day tour to local schools to perform their work.  All programs culminate by working together, peer mentoring, and performing for their friends, family, and the general public in an entertaining weekend of theater.  Although many participants start at a young age, older theater enthusiasts are welcome and encouraged to join at any time regardless of experience.  The joy of theater is too good to miss out on.  REGISTRATION 

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Imagineering: PreSchool & Elementary

PreSchool and Elementary are programs designed to introduce the youngest group of thespians to the stage and performance.  By playing theater games, learning songs, and experimenting with movement, students begin the process of becoming confident with themselves and their bodies while learning the the art and fun of following directions.  GRP's young thespians enjoy singing, dancing, playing games, learning choreography, theater etiquette, and stage directions.  

REGISTRATION FEE: $55 - Click to register

Wednesdays 4:15-5pm: IM Preschool (Ages 3.5-5)  REGISTER HERE                                                                           Wednesdays 5pm-6pm: IM Elementary (Ages 5-8) REGISTER HERE                                                                  -Session 1 Fall - Starts in October/Performance in December                                                                           -Session 2 Winter - Starts in January/Performance in March                                                                             -Session 3 Spring - Starts in April/Performance in June

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CenterStage: Act I & Act II


CenterStage Act I & Act II are acting (Fall Session) and musical theatre (Spring Session) workshops that introduce students to the basics of theatre. i.e. stage voice and movement, posturing, improvisation, creating character, and theatre etiquette. Students become the ensemble of the featured workshop show, learn selections of choreography and music, and build their strengths and skills sets, on and off stage.  Students learn the importance of teamwork, diligence, and focus, while gaining self-confidence through success. Students are now at a level where they are invited to participate in build nights. Students under 12 must have adult accompaniment to participate in the build nights. 

REGISTRATION FEE: $250 - Click to register

Mon/Wed 4-6pm: CS Act I (Ages 8-13) REGISTER HERE                                                                      Tues/Thurs 4-6pm: CS Act II (Ages 14-18) REGISTER HERE                                                      -Session 1 Fall - Starts in October/Performance in December                                              -Session 3 Spring - Starts in April/Performance in June

Kids Tour


Kids Tour is GRP's professional kids acting troupe.  Students delve deeper into the theatre experience, challenging themselves in the development of stage voice, movement, and character development.  Students should already have an understanding of basic theatre skills, GRP expectations, and etiquette to support their role as a "team-member" in the chosen production. Helping to produce and act in a theatre production, students gain a well-rounded theater education. Rehearsal and build schedules are mandatory for KT participants.  Students must audition and be cast in order to participate. 

REGISTRATION FEE: $250 - Click to register

Tues/Thurs 4-6pm: Ages 12-College (Audition only) REGISTER HERE                                                                -Session 1 Fall - Starts in October/Performance in December                                              -Session 3 Spring - Starts in April/Performance in June

Summer Theater Intensive

This two-week long, project-based theater program for ages 8-12 years old will concentrate on a 1-hr musical.  Participants will meet Mon-Fri 9-2pm to sing, dance, learn lines, craft props, costumes, and scenic pieces.  The best part is, it will be outside at beautiful Silver Bell Farm, 305 Silver Street, Monson, MA. Get ready for an action packed couple of weeks playing games, and honing your theatrical skills. No experience is necessary. Come and have fun! INCLUDES: 2 Free Tickets to the Performance, Performance T-shirt, Thursday ice cream day! BRING: lunch and snack, water, and sunscreen, creek walking shoes, and bathing suit.

REGISTRATION FEE: $325 - Registration opens in the spring

Mon-Fri 9am-2pm: Ages 8-12                                                                                                                                                                                                     -Session 4 Summer - Starts July 15-26, 2019

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Internships for High School & College Students

GRP interns are introduced to a wide variety of theatre production jobs while concentrating on a specific area.  Interns are hands-on with production teams, the public, students, and volunteers.  Learning the value of diligence, teamwork, work ethic, and timeliness Interns emerge with a global understanding of the designated concentration and the theatre production process.  


Choreography, Marketing/Public Relelations & Social Media, Art Management, Set Design/Construction & Shop, Costume Design/Construction & Shop, Stage Management, and more

Internship Descriptions


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