Purchase Ad Space

Placing an ad is a wonderfully philanthropic way to support Greene Room while benefiting your business as well. Theater patrons read their playbills from cover to cover AND take them home.

GRP prints a playbill for each show and workshop showcase that is produced.  Jump on the wagon and advertise your business!

Upcoming Playbills YOUR BUSINESS could appear in...

Woodland of Wonder, "The Lost Circus" Performances Begin Sept 30th                          Ad Payments/Artwork due by no later than Sept 19th.

Fall Workshop Showcase Performances Begin Dec 7th.                                                          Ad Payments/Artwork due by no later than Nov 21st.

Imagineering Showcase Performances Begin March 18th                                                      Ad Payments/Artwork due by no later than March 6th.

MainStage Production Performances Begin April 21st.                                                            Ad Payments/Artwork dueby no later than April 10th.

Spring Workshop Showcase Performances Begin June 10th.                                           Ad Payments/Artwork due no later than May 30th.

Click here to read more about each show.