Exhibit at the Mass Mutual Center, Springfield, MA

Exhibit at the Mass Mutual Center, Springfield, MA


Performance Meets Fine Art, Creating a Unique Collaborative Project Promoting Humanity.                                                         A  Philanthropic Union to Further Local Culture, Artists, Performers, and Community. 

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Produce. Provide. Create. Inspire. Culture. Art. Performance. Life. Greene Room Productions (GRP) a group of passionate creators embarked upon a journey dissecting the passage of time from the 1960’s and the movements that were prevalent then, to 2018.  What does our nation look like now? Has it changed so much? Through Eve Ensler’s “Emotional Creature” (Performing April 2018) audiences will hear a variety of stories about girls from around the world and their experiences. Themes of body image, discrimination, prejudice, feminism, gender roles and identity, sexuality, music, life, freedom, and the “Pursuit of Happiness” are looked at through the eyes of young girls. All themes that were current and relevant in the 60’s are still very pertinent and significant today. Have we really changed that much or is there still work to be done? This installation is meant to inspire questions. Musical influences, icons, how did they affect the nation then? How is the nation influenced today? ...And by whom? “Emotional Creature” will perform in a 3-D installation of these murals. Audience members will sit in an environment of 1960’s genre artwork and be immersed in this intellectual timepiece gone wild. What is the next step? What is your part? Activism through theater. Click for tickets for “Emotional Creature” by Eve Ensler.

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"It's All The Same Trip"  - Acrylic on Canvas 6'x8'

Jarett Greene graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design and has worked as an illustrator, model painter, and color designer. These days he is working as a fine artist and art educator. His art utilizes nature themes to create surreal scenes that please the senses and provoke thought. Jarett has experience in the theater as an actor and also behind the scenes. As a GRP production artist, he has been supporting his sister Erin and Greene Room Productions for many years now. The text in Jarett's mural is a quote from Ram Dass' book "Be Here Now," a popular spiritual text from the 1970's that continues to move people to this day.

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"Stardust" - Acrylic & Collage on Canvas 6'x8'

Kasey Greene  graduated from UMASS Amherst with a BA in Vocal Music Education and has thus embarked upon his musical and art-filled life writing original songs and playing in the Northampton-based psychedelic-rock band “Carinae”, writing and recording solo albums, and collages like a mad man.  As a collage artist Kasey designs all his band albums and has an instagram collage-art account. You can hear CARINAE at carinaeband.bandcamp.com, listen to Kasey’s solo music at rubylou.bandcamp.com, and view his many collage masterpieces on instagram @twenty._.three If you’d like to learn more about what Kasey does, book his band, or just have a nice chat, contact him at kaseygreene7@gmail.com

"Peace and Harmony" - Acrylic on Canvas 6'x8'

Peter Barnett is  a painter in oils specializing in landscapes and portraits, working by preference from life.  He has a BA in Art and Art History from Amherst College, and a PhD in Art History from Harvard. Peter belongs to an artists' community at the Indian Orchard Mills.  He has worked extensively throughout New England, and also on many trips to exotic places. He works quickly, finishing a portrait in two sessions of less than an hour, and a landscape in a single 1-hour session. The five panels Peter produced are all based on1960’s counterculture poster art, concentrating on anti-war and free love themes.  He also focused on stencil portraits which were much in vogue at the time.


"Jimi" - Acrylic on Canvas 6'x8'

Andrea Newland is a 2006 MassArt graduate with a degree in Painting and Art Education. She has done costume design, set design, and acted in productions by Greene Room Productions, “Father Willie” the movie, NCTV Crowd Sourced Cinema productions, and the musical collective Llama Lasagne. She is a board member of the Monson Arts Council where she organizes Craft Days for Kids and is the Artistic Director of the Summer Art Camp. Andrea is excited to be involved in this collaborative production to paint massive 1960's murals as it is one of her favorite time periods for art and culture.



"War of Colors" - Acrylic on Canvas 6'x8'

Lauren Casey, an aspiring young artist attending Putnam Vocational Academy is new to painting, as she usually takes a digital approach. She has taken on hundreds of commissions, but nothing quite as large as the piece presented today. Suffering with depression and anxiety, artwork is her outlet, providing her a sense of peace and tranquility, which is what she hoped to convey through this piece - a safe space for those in all communities. Lauren’s mural centers around lgbt and poc communities, who deserve just as much respect as anyone. Despite its chaotic look the image conveys deeper meaning reflected in the variety of line styles and “emotional” coloring style. It is up to the viewer however, to interpret. Lauren hopes you are able to view this piece and feel the tranquility she felt while painting.



"Counter Culture" - Acrylic on Canvas 8'x6'

Karen A. Whitney, local artist/educator started her secondary education at STCC, continued to Westfield State majoring in Art, and Literacy/Art Education, and earned a BA in Art and Masters in Education. She taught in the WSC Art Department. Currently Karen teaches at Putnam Vocational Technical Academy providing opportunities for teens to enrich themselves in art/culture. She has strong community ties, dedicating herself to the Indian Orchard Mills artists group, introducing and sharing this art world with young people. ”Counter Culture” provided opportunity for Whitney (and students) to immerse themselves in changes brought on by 1960’s counterculture. It was deducted that music drove change. Key artists and movements of the era have shaped our present. Bubble letters replaced traditional font types. The psychedelic lettering changed graphic design form of album covers and other advertising poster art. Chad Toussaint, Lillian Lam, Tatiana Mercado Brandon  Torres, and Alban Medina are the contributing young artists from Putnam Vocational Technical Academy.


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"Women's Rights" - Acrylic on Canvas 4'x12'

Jacob Amaro is a young aspiring artist in the Springfield community whose work is on the rise. He’s attended and won many contests, meeting every requirement, blowing everyone out the water. He mainly uses pencil, colored pencils, and watercolors for his works. Jacob tends to create more portrait work. He feels it gives his pieces more of an identity and connection. Recently some of Jacob’s close peers have helped with his artistic ventures.  Thus far, he has contributed to local rising artists and established artists as well. Jacob aspires to improve his style and create even greater works in the future. Jacob Amaro is a student in Putnam Vocational Technical Academy. His shop of choice is culinary arts where he can displays his artistic skill. Jacob’s mural was influenced by the work of Andy Warhol. He focused on the image of a 1960’s woman to symbolize the push for women's rights. Jacobs personal goal is to be a well known artist in America.


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